Route Talks

Wisdom for the Expedition of Management

an event by Waypoint

2019 Event

managing high performing teams

Managing and leading a high performing team is a journey. You don't arrive overnight and it's met with a slew of challenges along the way. Most would call it an expedition.

Maybe you're new to the role and you're struggling to find your bearings.

Maybe developing your people has become a growth bottleneck for your business.

Maybe you have unique personalities on your team and are having trouble trying to intentionally shape the culture of your team/business.

These are all common obstacles along the route of building a great team. You're not alone.

Come to Route Talks, a full day event, to experience and explore ideas with well-traveled guides who have gone down similar roads, by engaging and listening to wisdom that has worked for them.

This day will hold panel talks, small ted-talk like lectures, and fun learning experiences you won’t want to miss!

Here are some of the guides that we will hear from...

mike harris

Co-Founder @ Worksighted

Mike co-founded Worksighted and is passionate about employment strategy and hiring practices.

A charismatic public speaker, Mike has shared his expertise at events like TEDx Macatawa, Holland Young Professionals, and West Coast Chamber of Commerce. In his TED talk, Mike outlines how aligning passions with work increases performance. Mike is devoted to guiding and growing the future leaders of Worksighted and the local business community by sharing knowledge he gained through starting and growing a business.

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denise van eck

Owner @ Thought Design

Denise works with individuals and teams that are high potential people and are interested in doing what it takes to be the very best versions of themselves. She believe that people are the foremost experts on themselves. Every person has the potential to solve their own dilemmas, create a roadmap for their own lives, and make a unique contribution to the world in some amazing way.

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matt jung

Co-Founder @ Comfort Research

Matt co-founded Comfort Research, which has evolved from selling foam bean bags (the patented Ahhsome Fuf Chairs) out of our college dorms to selling disruptive products which bring unprecedented consumer value using advanced manufacturing selling through the likes of Walmart, Meijer, Amazon, and Costco to name a few.
"I am a big believer that culture and strategy go hand and hand and at Big Joe we live it. We have worked tirelessly to recognize, reward, and repeat those that are living Big Joe values."
-Matt Jung via Linkedin

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Dr Brian Cawley

Professor @ Calvin College

Dr. Cawley works to equip and empower people and organizations to make effective use of psychological science and practice to improve work environments, work outcomes, and to promote flourishing by using science for a smarter workplace.

He holds a Ph.D in Industrial and Organization Psychology from the University of Akron.
He is also a part of Talent Asset Advisors, as co-founder and partner.

A poised author, he has been apart journals such as: Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, Journal of Business and Psychology, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. He has also spoken at Hudsonville Area Chamber of Commerce and Calvin's Career Centers Annual Employer Confrerence 2019.

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Route Talks is a learning experience organized by Waypoint.